The Effortless Mindfulness Research Center

“Awakening is part art, part science and a whole lot of mystery.” ~Loch Kelly

The Effortless Mindfulness Research Center is focused on studying methods of directly accessing a type of mindfulness that is already effortlessly aware and awake. There could be considered two specific categories of mindfulness, deliberate and effortless. Effortless mindfulness does not mean we do not make initial effort but that what is discovered is effortlessly aware. Most studies have been done on deliberate mindfulness. This center is interested in furthering meditation and awareness research by collaborating on studies of effortless mindfulness, heart mindfulness, non-meditation, non-dual awareness (NDA), and living from an open-hearted flow state.


Consulting Contemplative Scientists

Judson Brewer, Ph.D. – Director of Research, Center for Mindfulness, UMass Medical School

Amishi Jha, Ph.D. – University of Miami, Jha Labs

Kurt Johnson, Ph.D. – Previously with Museum of Natural History, NYC

Zoran Josipovic, Ph.D. – New York University, Contemplative Neuroscience Lab

Andrew Newberg, Ph.D. – University of Pennsylvania

Dean Radin, Ph.D. – Institute for Noetic Science

Richard Schwartz, Ph.D. – Founder, Internal Family Systems (IFS) Psychotherapy

David Vago, Ph.D. – Vanderbilt University Brain Science Institute


Recent Studies

Yale University Research Study, 2013

Realtime FMRI Meditation and the Default Mode Network Study

Lead Investigator: Jud Brewer MD, PhD Meditation

Experienced Meditator Participant: Loch Kelly, MDiv, LCSW

Read the Study


University of Pennsylvania Research Study, 2010–2012

Effortless Mindfulness: The Impact of Nondual Awareness Instruction on Attention

Lead Investigators: Amishi Jha, PhD and Loch Kelly MDiv, LCSW

Protocol Designer: Loch Kelly, MDiv, LCSW

Read the Study


New York University Research Study, 2011

Influence of Nondual Awareness on the Functioning of Anti-Correlated Intrinsic and Extrinsic Networks in the Brain

Lead Investigator: Zoran Josipovic

Experienced Meditator Participant: Loch Kelly, MDiv, LCSW

Read the Study


Potential Future Studies

Effortless Mindfulness and Panoramic Awareness for Improved Focus at School and Work

This has already proven to be remarkable helpful in treating students, office workers and people with ADD or ADHD.


Open-Hearted Awareness Approach for Treatment of Pain

This is a different approach than any other method of treating pain such as mindfulness meditation. Open-Hearted Awareness Approach has already proven to be remarkably effective for people with chronic physical pain and chronic mental and emotional pain. It shows people how have local awake awareness go directly into the area of pain and then have the pain signal go directly to the field of Awake Awareness not looping around in the reactive mind.


Open-Hearted Awareness Approach for Relapse Prevention of Addictions

This has been tested and is remarkably effective for finding a way to discover a peace, and well-being that allows the “craver” to let go and our true nature to rest in the here and now.


Inside the Brain – Infinity  ~  Will Ryman artist ~ Exhibit at Paul Kasmin Gallery, NYC 2012 (Walking through a brain made of paintbrushes.)