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Access and Living from Self with Loch | Online Event

January 23 @ 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Access and Living from Self with Loch | Online Event

Live and Recorded Zoom Session, Saturday January 23rd

11am to 5 pm ET, Cost $120

All participants will be emailed a live recording of the event within a week,

to watch at your own convenience in case you can’t make the scheduled date/time

A  Zoom link will be sent along with your registration confirmation


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In this experiential day workshop, meditation teacher, author and psychotherapist, Loch Kelly, will introduce Effortless Mindfulness Awakening Training (EMAT), an effective way to access and live from your awake Self. Loch has co-taught three 5 day retreats with Dick Schwartz on accessing Self so draws on IFS language. Self is the centerpiece of both IFS psychotherapy and most meditative awakening traditions. Loch will offer different ways that Self can be as clearly known as our parts.

Everyone has Self and everyone is essentially Self. Self is discovered by un-blending from our small separate self or our ego manager part. Self with a capital “S” is also referred to as our Awake Consciousness, Open-Hearted Awareness, Inter-Being or True nature.  Self is not created, developed or conditioned. Self just is. Self is the “I am” without, being defined as “I am this or I am that.” Self is equally available to everyone as who we truly are. Self loves and can protect all exiles and all protectors. Self is also within all parts. Parts can learn to know Self and we can see and live from Self.


What you will learn:

• Why, if Self is essential to each of us, have so few discovered it

• How to shift out of your ego manager into Self

• The traps of spiritual bypass, psychological underpass, intellectual overpass, and meditative rest stops.

• Loch’s 11 I’s of Self Essence, to add to IFS’s 8 C’s of Self Energy and 5 P’s of Self Leadership

• How to distinguish Self from Self-like parts, such as the mindful witness or a smart therapist part with small “c” compassion.

• How to distinguish forms of subtle body energy from Self- energy.

• New ways to un-blend from parts and know Self as clearly as you know parts.

This is recommended for psychotherapists and people who are practicing Effortless Mindfulness. There will be short experiential exercises and Q&A  where Loch will be available to answer questions.

Participants will leave with new tools for understanding and accessing Self.


January 23
11:00 am - 5:00 pm