A New Beginning World Conference: 3-Day Online, Interactive Workshop

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A New Beginning World Conference: 3-Day Online, Interactive Workshop

May 23 - May 25




A New Beginning World Conference

An Online Interactive Workshop with 30 Foremost Spiritual Teachers

May 23 – May 25, 2020

**Loch will present May, 23, 2:45pm – 4:15pm EDT. He’ll also participate on a panel that day, 2:00pm – 2:30pm EDT.

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About the Workshop

This three-day online, interactive event will offer talks, interviews, discussion groups, and Q&A sessions with 30 of the foremost spiritual teachers in the world today.

As we navigate our way through the changing landscape of the world, we look for inspiration and support, both from wisdom teachers and from deep within.

What is the new beginning that is emerging through us and around us, and how can we play our part?

How do we stay rooted as the imperturbable “I AM” Presence, not as an idea we read about, but as our unchanging experience?

During our three days together, with 30 inspirational speakers and teachers from the worlds of science, the direct path of nonduality, the progressive path of A Course in Miracles, and other wisdom paths, we will create a safe container for exploration and support. We will meet you where you are and help point you in a direction that can best serve us individually and collectively in the days and months ahead.


During this event, you’ll have the opportunity to …

  • Learn how spiritual practices are helpful in this time
  • Be guided to your own direct experience of the True Self
  • Learn to navigate the current crisis with certainty, peace, abundance, and joy
  • Experience healing as a result of knowing
  • Shift from perception to the unchanging awareness of experience
  • Learn how to remain calm and centered in Truth no matter what is happening externally
  • Learn tools to transform every relationship, including the one with yourself
  • Access the portal to unchanging peace and happiness
  • Live as the awareness of Love’s presence — your natural state of being


Loch’s Presentation

On Saturday, May 23, at 2:45pm, Loch will present Effortless Mindfulness: Accessing the Support of Embodied Loving Awareness.

Effortless mindfulness is the direct approach to access embodied loving awareness. Loch will offer pointers, small glimpses, and shifts that allow your awareness to untie knots of confusion and return home.

Our true nature in its fullness is already here. Nondual, Embodied Love does not stop halfway at a detached, neutral witness of pure awareness. Instead, the great nondual realization is that the two truths of ultimate and relative reality are not separate.

Awareness can move itself from being identified with a small self to no-self to not-knowing to pure awareness and aliveness to the fabric of interconnected love and safety of the ground of Being. From this ground we can live from the awake Heart Mind.


In my many years of knowing and working with Loch Kelly, I feel he is one of the clearest expressions of authentic awakened freedom and love that I know. – Adyshanti


Details & Registration

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