Nondual Mindfulness: Awakening Glimpse by Glimpse | Online Event

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Nondual Mindfulness: Awakening Glimpse by Glimpse | Online Event

March 28 @ 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

| $90

Live and Recorded Zoom Event with Loch Kelly  

Date: Sunday, March 28, 2021

Time: 11am to 5pm EST / 8am-2pm PST / 4pm-10pm CET

Cost: $90

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All who register will receive recording of the event within a week

Nondual mindfulness is both an approach and a way of seeing from our already awake consciousness, which is wise, spacious, embodied and loving. Nondual is the unity of empty awareness and human aliveness. Mindfulness is the way of attending, creating and relating from this new already available operating system of awake consciousness.

 The glimpse by glimpse approach begins with unhooking local awake awareness from being identified and contracted with a small self and small mind and returns home to open-hearted awareness.  Glimpsing begins with awareness of awake awareness. However it does not stop with pure awareness but continues to untie knots of confusion to abide and live an awakened life.  This natural unfolding moves from Waking up — from small self, Waking as—the ground of awake awareness, Waking in —  awake awareness arises simultaneously as energy, love and embodiment, Waking out — to create and relate from embodied, loving, awake consciousness.

 How do we recognize our True nature if it can’t be done by the seeker, ego, doer, self, will, attention or a meditator? Our already awake awareness can intentionally unhook from being identified with our small self-center.

 In Zen, glimpsing is described as “taking the backward step” In the Toasist book, The Secret of the Golden Flower, the secret is:  “turn the light of awareness around.” In Tibetan, the word “recognition”, is translated as “looking back at your own face.” In Mahamudra, it is described as “child awareness returns to mother awareness.”

 Awake awareness is not ultimately passive but has intelligence and intentionality.  Intentional glimpsing becomes the power of how to awaken when local awake awareness is discovered to be a reliable tuner. Only from this no-self Self do we have the capacity to unburden traumatized parts of us and reveal flourishing positive qualities.

 Please join Loch in this experiential opportunity to learn how to access local awake awareness to intentionally glimpse and live from embodied open-hearted awareness.

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March 28
11:00 am - 5:00 pm


Online Event with Recording Available


Loch Kelly and Natural Wakefulness Center