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Online | The Being and Doing Summit

October 1, 2019 - October 13, 2019




The Being and Doing Summit

A Free Online Event October 14th-18th.

The Being & Doing Summit is a unique and inspiring event. Waking up to your true nature, the source of freedom and compassion, does not require leaving the busyness of your daily life or meditating for endless hours. It is both the most ordinary and most extraordinary insight you can imagine. This shift brings a new richness and depth to every aspect of your life.

25 leading speakers and teachers will inspire and guide you. They offer practices and strategies to deepen your awakening and to express it into your work, your relationships, your art, and your activism. Speakers include Andrew Harvey, Terry Patten, Jeff Carreira, Patricia Albere, Karen Johnson, Tim Freke, Arjuna Ardagh, Susan Piver, Caverly Morgan, Loch Kelly, Robert Augustus Masters, Martin Aylward, and many more.

JOIN US for 5 Days of illuminating talks and sublime guided experiences. Click here to RSVP


See how resting in the deep ground of awareness can free you from the tangle of your mind. Learn the orientation and practices to recognize and stabilize natural, effortless, awareness. Beyond individual awakening lies our capacity to awaken to the space between us - into the shared space of relationality.


You're in the NOW. Now what? Explore ways to expand your experience of being present in the moment to become more intimate with yourself and with reality. Learn about Diamond Approach inquiry. Uncover your own 'shadow' to discover how the exposure of unexamined beliefs and emotions can free enormous energy. Discover new connections: music to access profound meditation, psychotropic plants to heal, and artistic expression to cultivate selflessness flow.


Radical compassion is the portal to a life which flows with spontaneous kindness and grace. Feel how turning toward your own pain and the pain of others can liberate your heart's innate intelligence. Receive practical guidance for bringing ancient wisdom into modern relationships.


While we are clarifying our awakening, we still have bodies to heal, children to nurture, lovers to love and work to complete. See how every facet of life can support your growing realization and most meaningful expression. Learn to navigate the the maze of life with wisdom and grace.


Our world is facing and unprecedented existential crisis. How do you fit in? Liberation can be viewed as a personal spiritual process. But embracing our fundamental interconnection with all of life reveals the work that needs to be done. Love will have its way.

==> You can see the complete schedule of sessions here

Download GLIMPSES OF AWAKENING Videos and Directly Recognize your Awakened Nature

When You Register, Immediately Download A Free Video Series Which Guides You Into The Awakened State.

The awakened ground is a source of open-hearted flow beyond your conditioned mind and your ordinary sense of self. These 5-10 minute guided glimpse practices from Diana Winston, Loch Kelly, Jeff Carreira, Caverly Morgan and Peter Cutler have enabled thousands of students to glimpse the awakened state.

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You will also receive a free ticket to The Being & Doing Summit.

P.S. The event is free -- for now. After The Being & Doing Summit ends, the cost will go up to $197 to access this information.

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October 1, 2019
October 13, 2019