Tricycle Magazine 6-week Online Video Course

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Tricycle Magazine 6-week Online Video Course

October 23 - November 27




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Effortless Mindfulness

Self-paced 6-week Online Video Course with Loch
(Plus 2 live discussion sessions)
Begins Monday, October 23, 2017
Hosted by Tricycle Magazine Online Courses

($30 off with the HEART17MIND coupon below)



“Loch's online course and methods have been one of the most wonderful experiences I have ever had. I can’t put the feeling in words. Meditation was hit and miss for me over the years. Now with these simple tools I can shift easily and get benefits each time.” — Laurie Tolbert


Over six weeks you’ll discover new and effective methods to:

  • Drop into an awake awareness that can be accessed anywhere, anytime
  • Shift out of our thought-based identity, which binds and constricts us
  • Live from a place that is clear, calm, and interconnected versus one that is attached, contracted, and fearful
  • Move from our ordinary, grasping, and agitated mind to our awakened heart-mind
  • Gain distance from our small, separate sense of self that is perpetually dissatisfied
  • Untie the knots of old, destructive habits

With Loch as your expert guide, you’ll learn how to shift into this natural state of ease, interconnection, and well-being at any moment, no matter what you’re doing.



Loch’s New Audio, Effortless Mindfulness Now, and Award-Winning book Shift Into Freedom can be found HERE.



For Loch's students code HEART17MIND to receive additional $30 off.



October 23
November 27