Millennials Guide to Mindfulness | Loch on Catching Z’s – Podcast

Millennials Guide to Mindfulness | Loch on Catching Z’s – Podcast

"I say this without reservation that this conversation changed my life in an extremely positive way. I've solely been listening to Loch's meditations... and have been guided to some wonderful places!”

In this podcast, Loch Kelly shares a conversation with Nick Zolfo on his podcast Catching Z's: The Millennials Guide to Mindfulness

Loch Kelly plain and simple changed the way that I look at mindfulness. He shares many wonderful tips about the technique that he has adopted he refers to as "effortless mindfulness". We tackle many other topics along the way.

  • How a broadcaster talking about a quarterback with eyes in the back of his head got him into trying to do an early form of meditation
  • Deliberate mindfulness vs. effortless mindfulness
  • Traveling to Asia landed him in Nepal studying effortless mindfulness
  • Why some of these ancient practices were kept secret
  • Research backing this practice
  • His “new normal” after practicing effortless mindfulness
  • What his definition of awakening is
  • How to practice effortless mindfulness
  • His new book: The Way of Effortless Mindfulness

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