Panoramic Awareness Glimpse

Panoramic Awareness Glimpse

Panoramic Awareness Glimpse

Immerse yourself in the freedom and relief of panoramic awareness in this 8D, Surround Sound guided meditation from Loch. Please use headphones to experience the full effect.

There is a Tibetan Buddhist practice called sky-gazing. You physically go to a place with a wide-open vista and you become interested in looking at the open space. The exercise moves from being vision-based to being awareness-based. First you notice the open space in front of you, then within you, and then behind you. This gives you an experience of awareness of awareness.

In this effortless mindfulness glimpse, you will move awareness in a full circle, starting at the front of your body, moving to the sides, and then behind you, so that you feel a 360-degree panoramic awareness. Then, you will become aware from awareness-energy back to our thoughts, feelings, sensations and our body.

1. Sit comfortably with your eyes open and look directly in front of you. Allow your eyes to look into space rather than focusing on one particular thing.

2. Without raising your chin, bring your gaze slightly upward, as if you are on a beach, looking at the open sky.

3. Without moving your eyes or head, begin to expand your peripheral vision slowly and gently out to the sides.

4. As your peripheral vision widens, allow awareness to continue to open gently around the sides of your head.

5. Allow awareness to move from seeing to becoming aware of the space at the sides of your head through which sound is coming and going.

6. Continue to open awareness to the felt sense of space behind you where sound is moving.

7. Feel the sense of spacious awareness all around.

8. Notice how your view is open in a panoramic way.

9. Expand your awareness until you reach the edge of the room. Then have awareness turn back to be aware from panoramic awareness to see thoughts.

10. Inquire: “Am I aware of the field of awareness or is the field aware of my thoughts, sensations, and feelings?”

11. Notice how awareness is mingling with space to discover spacious awareness.

12. Be aware that the panoramic field of awareness is spacious and pervasive within everything.

13. Feel the balance of awareness equally outside and within your body.

14. Remain undistracted, without daydreaming thoughts.

15. Breathe in and allow a smile to come to your face, and then feel spacious awareness and aliveness equally all around and within.

16. Notice how your ears are receiving sound without effort.

17. Notice, in the same way as sound comes to your ears, that light reflects off things and comes to your eyes. Let your vision relax and experience sight as receiving.

18. Notice how the field of spacious awareness is alive, balanced, and continuous—and that it does not come or go.

19. Notice the dancing waves of thoughts, emotions, and energies within the ocean of awake awareness as you seamlessly welcome whatever is arising.

20. Let the field of awareness become interested in the spacious awareness-energy and from here be aware of your breath, the field of your body and a small area of contact within your body.

21. Remain undistracted as you feel the awareness and energy equally outside and within and the ability to effortlessly focus on your breath as it arises and passes moment to moment in the timeless here now of seamless awareness.

Meditations and guidance like this can be found in The Way of Effortless Mindfulness: A Revolutionary Guide for Living an Awakened Life a new book by Loch Kelly.

The Way of Effortless Mindfulness, by Loch Kelly