2020 Advanced Retreat: Living an Awakened Life

In this advanced retreat, you will explore living an awakened life and discover the power of learning and unlearning, letting go and showing up, knowing and unknowing, as you navigate the depth and breadth of your consciousness.



What would the world be like if more of us discovered how to live an awakened life?

This time of crisis can be an opportunity and motivation to go to the next stage of human development: awakening. Just as being able to read is a human capability, so is awakening. Both just need to be learned, practiced and nurtured to become the new normal.

Awakening is a shift from the small mind and small self to live from spacious, embodied, open-hearted awareness. We will explore ways of learning and unlearning, letting go and showing up, knowing and not-knowing that allow us to  effectively navigate our own consciousness.

This is a live video recording from a Spring 2020 retreat. It is available in two different downloadable formats: video and transcript.

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