Effortless Mindfulness: An Experiential Journey

Learn highly effective practices validated by neuroscience to move beyond fear, worry, and shame. In this 7-module video course, Loch teaches you how to access your intuitive heart-mind and connect with the wisdom of a larger field of consciousness.



7-Module On-Demand Video Training + Bonuses

Learn highly effective mindfulness meditation practices, validated by neuroscience, to move beyond fear, worry, and shame. Access your intuitive heart-mind and connect with the wisdom of the larger field of consciousness—anytime and anywhere.

In this seven-part training offered by Loch Kelly through the The Shift Network, you’ll receive a map and methods for moving through the 5 levels of awakening. You’ll learn to unburden the shame-based parts of you that try to convince you that you’re not worthy of your birthright of love and awakening.

The course includes seven 90-minute video trainings with Loch, transcripts of each training, and exercises for each module. Bonuses include additional additional downloadable video and audio trainings, and a PDF excerpt of Loch’s book, The Way of Effortless Mindfulness: A Revolutionary Guide for Living an Awakened Life.

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