Open-Hearted Awareness Retreat Day

In this in-depth, daylong retreat, you’ll learn inquiries and practices to shift your awareness to your true nature of open-hearted awareness, from which you can live free of shame, fear, and resentment. Perfect for a daylong retreat at home or to experience in segments over a longer period of time.



In this in-depth, daylong retreat, you will discover how to access and live from your innate open-hearted awareness. Open-hearted awareness is our ground of Being, and our naturally courageous and loving nature is often hidden from us by our busy thoughts and mistaken belief about who we really are.

You will learn practices, inquiries, and ways to uncover and shift your awareness into your true nature. Open-hearted awareness allows us to live free of shame, fear, and resentment so that we are freed up to create and relate to one other.

Includes over 5 hours of audio. Available in audio and transcript formats.

  • Audio + Transcript: $25
  • Audio only: $15
  • Transcript only: $15

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