Shift into Freedom: 3-Day Home Retreat

Loch considers this one of his best retreats. It was recorded over a three-day weekend, and you can use the audio recording and transcript for your own home retreat. You’ll learn how to shift out of your chattering mind and into the calm acceptance, love, and wisdom of open-hearted awareness.




Loch considers this to be one of his best retreats. It was recorded over an extended 3-day weekend and comes in both audio and transcript formats.

Loch’s unique practices build and support awakening: waking up from your chattering mind to awake awareness, waking in to embodied presence, and waking out to creating and relating in your daily life.

This recording is perfectly suited for doing your own 3-day retreat or letting it guide your practice over a few weeks or months, by yourself or with a group. Both the audio and the transcript are divided into short sections so that you can marinate after each glimpse.

Includes over 13 hours of audio. Available as Audio + Transcript ($97) or Audio or Transcript only ($47).

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