The Course of Awakening: Multimedia Course

An eight-part recorded series of classes taught by Loch that teaches you how to let go of chronic dissatisfaction and worry and move into the freedom of a more expansive, loving, and wise way of being and doing.



Eight-Part Recorded Course

In this series of eight classes designed to complement Loch’s book, Shift Into Freedom, you’ll learn a powerful yet simple method of meditation that you can do in the midst of your daily life to bring calm, perspective, and joy.

You’ll be guided step-by-step through the process of waking up from ego identification, waking in to embodied presence, and waking out to creating and relating from open-hearted awareness. You’ll learn how to make the small effort of letting go or unhooking awareness to discover the natural effortless awareness that is already available within and around you. You’ll discover how to shift from thought-based knowing to an awareness-based way of being.

Includes over 10 hours of audio. Available as Audio + Transcript ($97) or Audio or Transcript only ($57).

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