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The Next Stage of Mindfulness

Glimpse 1: Awakening with Eyes Open

Glimpse 2: Drop from Head to Heart

Glimpse 3: Mind the Gap Between Thoughts

Mindful Glimpses
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Loch Kelly’s Mindful Glimpses app offers advanced, yet simple, micro-meditations that provide the deep benefits of meditation within minutes. Access natural calm, clarity, and compassion… anywhere, anytime.

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Three Powerful Reasons to Try Mindful Glimpses...


Combines ancient wisdom and modern science to give you the most effective set of tools to live a fulfilling life.


Unique micro meditations that can be done in the midst of your day with eyes open to immediately shift you into flow.


Glimpses that heal anxiety at the root, uncovers natural compassion, shifts into flow at home and work.

What Thought Leaders Are Saying About Loch...

“Loch Kelly is one of the clearest expressions of authentic, awakened freedom and love that I know.”
Spiritual Teacher
“Many assume that genuine spiritual realization is either out of reach—“I’m too wounded…life’s too stressful”—or way down the road. Shift into Freedom is one of those rare and invaluable books that awakens trust in what is possible in this very life, right now. With wisdom, clarity and care, Loch Kelly offers teachings and practices that directly evolve consciousness and liberate the heart.”
Tara Brach, PhD.
Author, Radical Acceptance and True Refuge
“Loch Kelly has done a masterful job of sharing accessible, wise, and compassionate meditations and teachings. Effortless Mindfulness offers a doorway into a profound, cutting-edge form of mindfulness. With Loch’s guidance, effortless mindfulness can become accessible to anyone. Try them out, go into them deeply, and watch these practices change your life!”
Diana Winston
Diana Winston
Director of Mindfulness Education at UCLA
“When Loch and I have taught together, I have found, for myself and students, that Loch’s glimpse practices are amazingly effective as they directly access our natural awakeness and have potential to heal our wounded parts.”
Richard Schwartz, PhD
Founder of Internal Family Systems (IFS)

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