Effortless Awareness with Stephanie Nash – Podcast

Effortless Awareness with Stephanie Nash – Podcast

In this podcast, Stephanie Nash interviews Loch Kelly about his unique Shift Into Freedom glimpse method of effortless awareness meditation.

Stephanie Nash is a Mindfulness Coach and Integrative Counselor who is an expert in the Unified Mindfulness system developed by Shinzen Young (with whom she has worked closely) and whose techniques and strategies have become an integral part of her personal experience as well as her teaching. Learn more at strategic-mindfulness.com.

"Shift into Freedom" presents Loch Kelly's original synthesis of ancient wisdom, modern psychological insights, current neuroscience research, and unique awareness practices for the body, mind, and heart. Written for both first-time and lifelong meditators, here is a training guide filled with simple and effective experiential tools for "unhooking" awareness from our chattering minds and dropping into our awake heart space, expanding our sense of intimacy and interconnection, and embodying inner peace, clarity, and love.

Order Loch's book here: Shift Into Freedom

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