How to Find Peace in 4 Minutes – Animated Meditation

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How to Find Peace in 4 Minutes – Animated Meditation

You may have done a meditation where you think positive thoughts or focus on your breath or a word to
calm your mind. In this short animated meditation you will be invited to go to the next level, effortless mindfulness, to find peace in the space between the thoughts in your mind. This can lead you to discover your awareness-based mind that is already awake, creative, compassionate and in a joyful flow.

While doing this practice, you may have noticed that there are two kinds of space. One is the physical space in the room — the absence of objects and content. The other space is presence that is aware and awake. What you’ve just experienced shows that you can be aware, knowing, and intelligent — without relying on thinking. Whether there are thoughts or no thoughts on the screen of your mind, there is a background knowing that can move to the foreground and then become the ground of your Being. This silent, spacious awareness doesn’t use thought to look to other thoughts to confirm that you know what you know



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