VIDEO: Where Am I Located?

VIDEO: Where Am I Located?

“Location, location, location” is a phrase used by real-estate agents to emphasize that identical homes have different values based on where they’re located. If a building has two apartments—one with windows looking out at brick walls and the other, three floors higher, with panoramic views—the upstairs apartment is much more valuable. The open-hearted awareness approach helps you shift into your best location with a spacious view from which you can realize how valuable you already are.

The small sense of self feels separate, and this location makes us feel contracted, isolated, and in our heads. The experience of opening up during the process of awakening first brings spaciousness, emptiness, and freedom; these qualities can then be followed by embodiment, oneness, fullness, unity, and flow. In our journey of awakening the sense of no-self is a freedom from a specific place of viewing. We can feel infinite, everywhere, nowhere, here, and now. In this video, I describe a simple way we move from a limited, ego-centered view to an awake, spacious, and embodied feeling of Being.



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