Best Meditation Audio | Ranked #1 by Amazon

Best Meditation Audio | Ranked #1 by Amazon

Shift Into Freedom Training Program by Loch Kelly is ranked the #1 Meditation Audio by Amazon in New Releases!

I’m grateful to Sounds True and all of my teachers and friends for their support in helping me bring these transformative awareness practices into form. This audio Shift Into Freedom is a simple yet thorough training program designed to support your awakening. Many beginners say this approach is easier to learn than basic mindfulness, and many long time meditators say it has sky rocketed them into living from open-hearted awareness in the midst of their daily life.

This audio training program is designed to compliment my book, Shift Into Freedom, but it is complete on its own. It is a progressive series of short meditations, pointers, and “glimpses” designed to help you realize your own true nature.

I was fortunate to stumble upon meditation early in my life after a series of losses. It was a great help then because it revealed the resource of a natural spacious and loving consciousness within me.

My heart’s curiosity led me to graduate school and then to India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, where I met many wonderful teachers who generously shared their lives and practices with me. It was here that I was introduced to a simple and comprehensive map of consciousness and awakening. My interest, work, and love have been to update these ancient practices and bring them into contemporary, accessible form.

This audio training program will experientially introduce you to five expressions of awareness: attention, mindful awareness, spacious awareness, embodied awareness, and open-hearted awareness. Awakening is possible for all of us because awake awareness is already inherent within each of us. We are more capable of discovering this capacity than we can imagine. Our mutual awakening is essential for our planet today. I hope you enjoy this heartfelt offering! Click here for more information and to download!


Best Meditation Audio by Amazon

Shift Into Freedom Training Program by Loch Kelly is ranked the #1 Meditation Audio by Amazon in New Releases