Shift into Freedom

A Training in the Science and Practice of Effortless Mindfulness

The Shift into Freedom audio training contains guided meditations that shift you out of chronic discontent and worry into a calm, loving, and optimally functioning flow state.

Loch Kelly’s unique meditations—called glimpses—go beyond merely calming and quieting your thoughts. Glimpses allow you to deeply feel the opening of your heart to yourself and others as you awaken to the truth of your essential nature.

Experience calm as the core of your identity

We each have the potential to enter and live from an optimal flow state—no matter how much our previous experience may have told us otherwise.

The Shift into Freedom audio training program leads you through short meditations that build upon one another, allowing you to experience your true nature as one of peace, interconnectedness, and unconditional love.

You will palpably feel the shift from your contracted, small identity to a free and flowing awareness that is not bound by time or circumstance. With practice, you’ll find that you can make this shift at any time: at your desk, in traffic, during conversations, or wherever you may find yourself.


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Shift into Freedom - Audio Training Guide

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