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A mindfulness app by Loch Kelly that offers advanced, yet simple, micro-meditations that provide the deep benefits of meditation within minutes. Access natural calm, clarity, and compassion… anywhere, anytime.

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“Mindful Glimpses” are short meditations that help you shift out of worry, stress and your chattering mind. In less than 10 minutes, you’ll tap into your consciousness that’s already awake, calm, clear and connected.

Hi, I’m Loch Kelly, Founder of Mindful Glimpses app. I’m glad you’re here.

I’m an award-winning author, meditation teacher, psychotherapist, and founder of the 501(c)(3) non-profit, Effortless Mindfulness Institute.

I’m on a mission to help you relieve suffering at its root and live from your basic goodness. We all deserve to live an awakened life (and I believe we can do just that, supported by mindfulness meditation and daily life practices).

I’m passionate about modernizing meditation, enhancing social engagement, and collaborating with neuroscientists to bring the best of science into proximity with the potency of meditation.

What makes Effortless Mindfulness different from
other mindfulness approaches +
psychological interventions?

✔️ Designed for the modern human
Our unique methodology synthesizes ancient wisdom practices, neuroscience, and contemporary psychology. This distinct combination is designed to help you get the most out of mindfulness in this modern world (even if you’re busy, struggle with focus, or wear many hats in your life).

✔️ An effortless path to greater peace, clarity and calm
With Effortless Mindfulness, the focus is not on developing the skill of mental stability or concentration (which is the defining feature of many mainstream mindfulness systems). Rather, you’re shifting OUT of an unstable stage of adult development into a calm, clear and knowing awareness that can become the foundation from which you live more skillfully. 

✔️ A system for greater resilience

This practice style essentially helps you unplug the computer and hit refresh on your inner system. Doing this consistently actually helps your system function more effectively for the long term, leading to strong resilience to face life’s joys and challenges with enduring balance.

✔️ Address the root issues
This practice style is about familiarizing yourself with a new stage of human development. You are updating the whole operating system, so the patterns that consistently play out in that operating system start to shift or dissolve. If you have a hard time going deeper with your meditation practice, we think you’ll love this feature of Effortless Mindfulness.

✔️ Stop trying so hard
We invite you to stop ‘focusing more,’ and tap into an effortless awareness. Thousands of our students are enjoying a deep meditation practice, as well as higher levels of compassion, calm, and clarity more often (without as much effort). 

Subscriber Testimonials

Receive immediate access to these programs:

The Relational Inquiry Program 

Practice mindfulness techniques designed to help you build community, and connect with others from open-hearted awareness. Elevate your intimacy. Be more impactful at work. Enjoy meaningful, supportive relationships across all areas of your life.

 Internal Family Systems (IFS) Practice Program

If you’re interested in enhancing your self-leadership and healing burdensome parts, then you’ll love this program. You’ll learn the mindfulness techniques to access Self Essence (i.e. compassion, calm, curiosity, and your inherent awake awareness), how to approach different aspects of your identity in an inclusive and compassionate way, as well as how to free your ego manager.

The Psychological Wellbeing Program

Relieve pain, liberate emotional blocks, and tap into an awareness that helps soothe, process, and completely experience any emotion that arises in your inner system – from sadness, anger, and resentment, to joy, excitement, and anticipation. Learn how to hold your ENTIRE emotional landscape with full empowerment and equanimity.

Guided Meditations + Talks from Leaders in Mindfulness + Mental Health

Access insights and resources from the best in contemplative practice and psychology! All in support of relieving blocks, accessing more calm and clarity, and thriving across all areas of your life. You’ll learn from:

✨ Richard C. Schwartz, Ph.D., Founder of Internal Family Systems and author of No Bad Parts.

✨ Judith Blackstone, founder of the Realization Process, a method of embodied psychological and relational healing and nondual spiritual awakening.

✨ Tara Brach, PhD, leading meditation teacher and author of Radical Acceptance, True Refuge and her latest Radical Compassion.

✨ Adyashanti, world renown nondual meditation teacher and author of multiple books including The Way of Liberation

Three reasons to try a 14-day free trial


Combines ancient wisdom and modern science to give you the most effective set of tools to live a fulfilling life.


Unique micro meditations that you can do in the midst of your day with eyes open to immediately shift you into flow.


Glimpses that heal anxiety at the root, uncover natural compassion, and shift you into flow at home and work.

What Thought Leaders say about Loch...

“With wisdom, clarity and care, Loch Kelly offers teachings and practices that directly evolve consciousness and liberate the heart.”

Tara Brach, Ph.D.

World-renowned psychologist and meditation teacher. Founder of Insight Meditation Community. Bestselling author.

“Awakening is moving your inner center of gravity from your protective parts to your magnificent essence. Loch not only makes you realize that such a shift is possible, but provides exercises to help make it happen.”

Richard C. Schwartz. Ph.D.
Faculty in the Dept. of Psychiatry at Harvard. Founder of the Internal Family Systems approach to psychotherapy.

“In many years of knowing and working with Loch Kelly I feel that he is one of the clearest expressions of authentic awakened freedom and love that I know.”

Internationally-recognized spiritual teacher and author of eleven books, including “The Direct Way”

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Mindful Glimpses is brought to you by Natural Wakefulness Center, a 501(c)3 public charity. NWC is dedicated to teaching direct methods to access awake awareness, living from a flow state, nondual mindfulness, and heart mindfulness. It is the Center’s goal to make awakening learnable, teachable, and more accessible to everyone. 

  NWC wants to make these teachings accessible to everyone regardless of their ability to pay. To request a scholarship please click here.

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