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Roadmaps to Inner Peace

Loch Kelly’s books are practical and inspirational guides to accessing the deeper truth and inner peace that are available to each of us.

With an original synthesis of ancient wisdom, current neuroscience, and contemporary psychology, Loch gives us simple yet powerful awareness practices that liberate us from the deepest levels of suffering.

Loch has written two books, Shift into Freedom and The Way of Effortless Mindfulness. He has also released two audio training guides, Effortless Mindfulness Now and Shift into Freedom (audio). Read more about each book below.

Practicing under Loch Kelly’s guidance is mind-blowing. You shift out of your chattering mind, and awareness emerges—clear, fearless, unconditionally accepting.

The Way of Effortless Mindfulness

A Revolutionary Guide for Living an Awakened Life​

The Way of Effortless Mindfulness, by Loch Kelly
This followup to Loch’s groundbreaking work, Shift into Freedom, offers further exploration and insight into the practice of effortless mindfulness. With straightforward, experiential exercises, Loch gives us a roadmap for accessing and living from open-hearted awareness.

Shift into Freedom

The Science and Practice of Open-Hearted Awareness

Shift into Freedom, by Loch Kelly

Shift into Freedom is a contemporary mindfulness meditation manual that takes mindfulness to the next level. The book offers an inspiring, experiential journey both for advanced meditators and for those who have never meditated.

Loch presents micro-meditations—called glimpses—that allow you to shift your consciousness out of your busy, chattering mind and into “awake awareness,” a form of awareness within us all that is spacious, clear, interconnected, and at peace.

Shift into Freedom (audio training)

A Training in the Science and Practice of Open-Hearted Awareness

Shift into Freedom - Audio Training Guide

This audio training program offers more than 20 guided meditations and serves as a stand-alone program or as a complement to the book, Shift into Freedom. (It is not an audio recording of the entire book, Shift into Freedom.)

Loch guides listeners through a progressive series of micro-meditations—called glimpses—that you can later use with eyes open, no matter what you’re doing. Glimpses take you out of your chattering mind and into an expansive way of knowing that is deeply wise, compassionate, and accepting.

—Available as an audiobook, audio CD, or audio download

Effortless Mindfulness Now

Awakening Our Natural Capacity for Focus, Freedom, and Joy

Effortless Mindfulness Now, by Loch Kelly

Effortless Mindfulness Now is a guided audio journey into learning to live from open-hearted awareness. In four transformative sessions, Loch gives you step-by-step guidance for stepping back from limited, thought-based knowing and into the expansive, creative, and loving awareness of your heart-mind.

These sessions are effective both for beginning meditators and for those looking to deepen their practice and live the awakened life.

—Available as an audiobook and an audio download.


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