Effortless Mindfulness Institute

The Effortless Mindfulness Institute, open to all people, is the educational training division of the Natural Wakefulness Center (NWC), a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit Public Charity.

EMI is dedicated to teaching direct methods to access awake awareness, living from a flow state, nondual mindfulness, and heart mindfulness. It is the institute’s goal to make spiritual awakening learnable, teachable, and more accessible to everyone.


The primary mission of the Effortless Mindfulness Institute is to help people discover awake awareness as the source of intelligence, compassion, and flow to improve overall well-being and to increase loving and respectful relationships with others.

Teaching is done through adult educational-style training in unique, modern versions of ancient methods of meditation and inquiry. These methods are available to everyone, regardless of their background or beliefs. Awareness training helps us to learn how to navigate our own consciousness in order to relieve the bind of suffering and increase compassion.


EMI has a research component named The Effortless Mindfulness Center for Research, which focuses on bringing together science, contemplation, and psychology to discover and verify real results in the reduction of suffering and improved human relations.

Contemplative science is a new field that brings together neuroscientists, psychotherapists, and meditation practitioners to look at the observable changes in the brain, behavior, perception, and the sense of self that come about through intentional awareness practices.


If you’re interested in volunteering for the Effortless Mindfulness Institute, please fill out our Volunteer Opportunity form then contact us via our contact form.

Instruction and Presentations

Loch is open to invitations to present seminars for groups who want to learn about Effortless Mindfulness, heart mindfulness, and open-hearted awareness training. Loch will consider invitations from different parts of the country and the world to give weekend workshops, retreats, and trainings.

Support the Effortless Mindfulness Institute!

Help us bring the power and peace of compassion, love, and understanding to all people. Your generosity makes our work possible. Donations go directly to the support of our mission and do not enrich any individual. For more information, please visit our Donation page or contact us.

The size of the gift is far less important than the generosity of the heart behind it.

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