Self Actualization with Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman

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Show notes:

Join Loch Kelly the creator of the mindful glimpses app. Here he welcomes psychologist Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman as his special guest. Together, they embark on a profound exploration of transcendence, self-awareness, and awakening as the next stage of human potential. In this Scott Barry Kaufman podcast episode, they also explore the experience of unconditional love and unconditional positive regard and their transformative power in healing trauma. In addition, with a blend of psychology and spirituality, Loch and Scott offer practical wisdom for navigating the highest stages of potential growth and ways to support this. 

Micro-Meditation from Loch Kelly

[52:30] This Scott Barry Kaufman podcast interview also features Loch offering a related micro-meditation called “Effortless Focus.” These mindful glimpses serve as invaluable tools for experiencing ways to access the awake consciousness that is already here within all of us. 

Additionally, you can now explore all of Loch Kelly’s practices and teachings, including the practice in this Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman podcast episode, on the new Mindful Glimpses app. Moreover, this innovative meditation and wellness app offers daily micro-meditations, step-by-step programs, and simple-yet-advanced tools for awakening. 

Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman Bio

Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman is a distinguished psychologist known for his groundbreaking research on intelligence, creativity, and human potential. As the founder of the Center for Human Potential and Self-Actualization Coaching, he is also dedicated to helping individuals lead fulfilling lives. Furthermore, as host of The Psychology Podcast and a prolific author, Kaufman’s work has garnered global recognition, shaping our understanding of personal growth and self-actualization.

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Loch Kelly Bio

Loch Kelly is the creator of the Mindful Glimpses app, award winning author, psychotherapist, and nondual meditation teacher known for his unique practical methods that support awakening as the next natural stage of human development. Backed by modern neuroscience and psychology, Loch introduces Effortless Mindfulness, an ancient form of nondual meditation that allows immediate access to our embodied awake nature which arises as calm, clarity, and compassion. 

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