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Effortless mindfulness, also known as nondual mindfulness, is an ancient wisdom practice that integrates with contemporary neuroscience and psychology. It is an advanced, yet simple, next stage of mindfulness. Effortless mindfulness allows you to shift out of your small chattering mind and into an already awake compassionate mind – any time of the day.

Effortless means you make less initial effort to shift into an awareness-based mind that can effortlessly focus and enjoy. The primary practice is small mindful glimpses done in the midst of your day with eyes open. This allows you a way to directly access your awake nature and to live from embodied flow and compassionate activity.

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About Nondual

Nondual mindfulness is an advanced yet simple form of mindfulness which can be done with eyes open. Got more questions?

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“Those who feel that other mindfulness texts are esoteric, foreign, or flaky will find Kelly's exercises easy to understand, his research easy to respect.”

- Publishers Weekly

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