Enjoy direct experiences of Loch’s glimpses and lively conversations

You’ll find some of these conversations below, along with a collection of his talks about effortless mindfulness and walking the path of spiritual awakening.


No Problem to Solve

Length - (3:28)

Experience a liberating and palpable shift in your awareness when you step back from your problem-solver identity.

The Three Stillnesses

Length - (12:11)

Tune into the stillness that is already here. Feel the safety and support that is always within and around you.

Open-Eyed Meditation

Length - (7:14)

A meditation you can do with your eyes open, tuning into effortless mindfulness, anytime, anywhere.


Length - (9:39)

Find out what it’s like to meditate without a meditator. Without the need to control, notice, or do it “right.”

Beyond Belief

Length - (7:59)

Feel what it’s like to unhook your awareness from your mind—to let go of referring to thought to know what is here.

Inquiry into Who You Are

Length - (7:59)

Discover who you truly are by moving from an intellectual knowledge to a direct, accepting experience of yourself.


What is Awakening?

Psychology Today Interview
Length - 29 mins

Loch and Psychology Today’s Mark Matousek discuss what awakening means today and in terms of human consciousness. 

Pointers to Open-Hearted Awareness

Sounds True Interview (Part 1)
Length - 64 mins

Loch and Tami Simon, founder of Sounds True, discuss the meaning of effortless mindfulness and how to discern awareness from thinking.

Pointers to Open-Hearted Awareness

Sounds True Interview (Part 2)
Length - 1 hour 9 mins

Loch and Tami Simon, founder of Sounds True, discuss how to move from thought-based knowing to the open, nonconceptual knowing of awake awareness. 

Being Home While Returning Home

Guest Teaching for Tara Brach
Length - 1 hour 14 mins

Loch explores how we can move beyond our typical striving awareness, full of fear and suffering, to the freedom of our source: awake awareness.

Awareness, Freedom, & Effortless Mindfulness

Desconstructing Yourself Podcast
Length - 1 Hour 39 mins

Loch and Michael Taft, host of the Deconstructing Yourself podcast, discuss nondual awareness, the role of psychotherapy in awakening, and much more. 

Shift into Freedom

A Better World Radio
Length - 1 hours 15 mins

Loch and Mitch Rabin, host of A Better World Radio, explore what it means to have an enlightened mind and live in alignment with our true nature. 

Living from the Heart

The Soul-Directed Life Interview
Length - 59 mins

Loch and Janet Connor, from the The Soul-Directed Life, discuss the the heart wisdom already in each of us and how to access it.

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