Effortless Mindfulness Now

Awakening Our Natural Capacity for Focus, Freedom, and Joy

Take an audio journey into the transformative experience of open-hearted awareness.

Effortless Mindfulness Now offers micro-meditations—called glimpses—that lift you out of your problem-focused mental chatter and into a natural, loving awareness, at peace with yourself and the world.

This shift in consciousness is something you can learn to do anytime, anywhere, allowing you access to an optimal way of being and doing.

Awaken to Your Heart Mind

Many of us have learned the “mainstream” mindfulness of the West, which Loch terms “deliberate mindfulness.” Effortless Mindfulness is the next natural stage in the mindful journey of awakening. You learn to be mindful of awareness itself, by unhooking from the “you” that is trying to be mindful! In other words, you can learn to step back from your thought-based identity and access the natural compassion, joy, and creativity of awareness-based knowing. You don’t need meditation experience to learn effortless mindfulness, and even long-time meditators may discover a profound transformation in their day-to-day way of being and doing.
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Learn More about Effortless Mindfulness Now

In Effortless Mindfulness Now, Loch offers guided meditations and teachings about the practice of effortless mindfulness. Available as an audiobook or audio download, Effortless Mindfulness Now takes you on a step-by-step journey from the chatter of your thinking mind to the ease and natural wisdom of your heart mind.

In four sessions that build upon one another, Loch shares glimpse practices that open your eyes, heart, and mind to a deeper truth. He also teaches how to stabilize and live from heart mind for those times when your ego manager wants to wrest back control out of habit or fear.

This audio format of Loch’s teachings is especially helpful for those whose linear, thinking minds are heavily engaged when learning via the printed word.

How to Shift from Head to Heart

Watch Loch demonstrate how we can immediately shift out of our chattering minds and into open-hearted awareness.

We can learn to unhook from the “thinker,” return to our senses, and ultimately rest in our heart space. As we find relief in our unconditionally accepting heart mind, our chronic dissatisfaction and judgments drop away.

How to Shift from Head to Heart, a video by Loch Kelly
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