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“Mindful Glimpses” are short meditations that help you shift out of worry, stress and your chattering mind. In less than 10 minutes, you’ll tap into your consciousness that’s already awake, calm, clear and connected.

Hi, I’m Loch Kelly, Founder of Mindful Glimpses app. I’m glad you’re here.

I’m an award-winning author, meditation teacher, psychotherapist, and founder of the 501(c)(3) non-profit, Effortless Mindfulness Institute. I’m on a mission to help you relieve suffering at its root and live from your basic goodness. We all deserve to live an awakened life (and I believe we can do just that, supported by mindfulness meditation and daily life practices). I’m passionate about modernizing meditation, enhancing social engagement, and collaborating with neuroscientists to bring the best of science into proximity with the potency of meditation.

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  • Video Training: IFS Deep Dive: Exploring Your Inner Landscape to Access Your True Self
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What Thought Leaders say about Loch...

“With wisdom, clarity and care, Loch Kelly offers teachings and practices that directly evolve consciousness and liberate the heart.”

Tara Brach, Ph.D.

World-renowned psychologist and meditation teacher. Founder of Insight Meditation Community. Bestselling author.

“Awakening is moving your inner center of gravity from your protective parts to your magnificent essence. Loch not only makes you realize that such a shift is possible, but provides exercises to help make it happen.”

Richard C. Schwartz. Ph.D.
Faculty in the Dept. of Psychiatry at Harvard. Founder of the Internal Family Systems approach to psychotherapy.

“In many years of knowing and working with Loch Kelly I feel that he is one of the clearest expressions of authentic awakened freedom and love that I know.”

Internationally-recognized spiritual teacher and author of eleven books, including “The Direct Way”

What makes Effortless Mindfulness different from
other mindfulness approaches +
psychological interventions?


Combines ancient wisdom and modern science to give you the most effective set of tools to live a fulfilling life.


Unique micro meditations that you can do in the midst of your day with eyes open to immediately shift you into flow.


Glimpses that heal anxiety at the root, uncover natural compassion, and shift you into flow at home and work.
✔️ Designed for the modern human

Our unique methodology synthesizes ancient wisdom practices, neuroscience, and contemporary psychology. This distinct combination is designed to help you get the most out of mindfulness in this modern world (even if you’re busy, struggle with focus, or wear many hats in your life).

✔️ An effortless path to greater peace, clarity and calm

With Effortless Mindfulness, the focus is not on developing the skill of mental stability or concentration (which is the defining feature of many mainstream mindfulness systems). Rather, you’re shifting OUT of an unstable stage of adult development into a calm, clear and knowing awareness that can become the foundation from which you live more skillfully

✔️ A system for greater resilience

This practice style essentially helps you unplug the computer and hit refresh on your inner system. Doing this consistently actually helps your system function more effectively for the long term, leading to strong resilience to face life’s joys and challenges with enduring balance.

✔️ Address the root issues This practice style is about familiarizing yourself with a new stage of human development. You are updating the whole operating system, so the patterns that consistently play out in that operating system start to shift or dissolve. If you have a hard time going deeper with your meditation practice, we think you’ll love this feature of Effortless Mindfulness.

✔️ Stop trying so hard We invite you to stop ‘focusing more,’ and tap into an effortless awareness. Thousands of our students are enjoying a deep meditation practice, as well as higher levels of compassion, calm, and clarity more often (without as much effort).

Subscriber Testimonials

Receive Immediate Access to these Programs

1. Effortless Mindfulness Intro Series

Do you feel that you’ve hit a ceiling in your mindfulness practice? Do you have difficulty with meditation and concentration practices? Or are you looking for more than just temporary relief from your inner critic, negativity bias, anxiety, fear, and dissatisfaction? Do you feel like your heart is closed or numb to others? In this comprehensive introduction to Effortless Mindfulness (EM) you’ll:

  • Learn why EM is perfect for people who struggle with concentration practices or sitting meditation
  • Experience relief from judgmental thinking
  • Experience Immediate relief from your chattering mind and emotional overwhelm
  • Learn how to move beyond symptoms to address the very root of your discontent
  • Experience how EM can give you the same results as a 10-day meditation retreat in mere minutes
  • Open to an already awake, optimal mind, from which you can effortlessly focus
  • Discover an innate and deep sense of safety and fundamental well being
  • Realize, through short Mindful Glimpses, that the peace, freedom, and love you are seeking is already right here within you
  • Gain a set of practical tools to tune into your innate clear mind and compassionate heart

People refer to Effortless Mindfulness as the ultimate medicine because it doesn’t just treat the symptoms of stress and anxiety. Instead, it heals the root of our perpetual dissatisfaction and disconnection. 

EM is an evidence-based trauma-sensitive approach, because you learn to embody a dimension of our being that can bear what often feels unbearable. 

2. Daily Glimpses

Our most popular program, Daily Glimpses, is the perfect follow up and compliment to the Effortless Mindfulness Intro Series. Whether you’re an experienced meditator or new to mindfulness practice, this program offers a fresh and effective approach to awakening, growth, and healing.

You’ll learn how to enter an optimal flow state, access peace of mind, and live from an open heart. But you don’t have to spend 20 minutes on a meditation cushion to do it.

Instead, these short meditative inquiries, called Glimpses, are like doorways into the deeper and wider expanse of your being. They help you instantly shift into your ever-present already-awake mind.

Most meditation paths take years to get to this point. Through Effortless Mindfulness, you’ll discover, again and again, that this compassionate, clear, and loving dimension of your Self is always here and always available. And the Daily Glimpses unlock the door.

Whether you’re taking a walk, cooking dinner, busy at work, or just hanging out with friends and family, Daily Glimpses help you quickly shift into the best and most authentic version of yourself. And more than that, you’ll discover hidden capacities and higher potentials you didn’t even know you had.

3. Mindful Flow at Work Practice Program

Does your work get boring, stressful, or fraught with coworker tensions? Or maybe you feel like you’re treading water? Do you yearn to flow through your days with stability, spontaneity, compassion, purpose, and flexibility (without the distraction or blockage)?

In this program, you’ll learn to access panoramic flow during your day before and during a meeting or while performing mundane tasks. If you’re interested in tapping into more embodied flow in your daily life, then you’ll love this program.

Unlike other peak performance approaches, in Effortless Mindfulness you don’t have to make an effort to be inspired. Instead, you’ll tap into a bottomless well of buoyant energy, vision, and inspired clarity.

You’ll use the simple but advanced nondual mindfulness technique called Mindful Glimpse to access this effortless flow and translate it into highly enjoyable peak performance at work.

4. Psychological Wellbeing

Much of our psychological distress, discomfort, and dissatisfaction is rooted in deep emotional wounds and psychological trauma from our childhood.

As we grow, we develop ways to cope and protect ourselves relative to those formative early experiences. And as we reach adulthood, if neglected or disowned, those wounds show up as our psychological discontent.

But what if there was a simple way to embrace these wounded parts of ourselves that we’ve ignored and exiled so that they, too, are always welcome?

The glimpses in this program build on the organic fusion of Effortless Mindfulness and Internal Family Systems Parts Work to provide a powerful path for healing your wounded parts.

You’ll learn tools to heal and unburden your wounded parts from the the place within you that is buoyant, compassionate, loving, and already and forever free from psychological wounds.

Relieve pain, liberate emotional blocks, and tap into an awareness that helps soothe and process. Fully embrace and experience any emotion that arises in your inner system – from sadness, anger, and resentment, to joy, excitement, and anticipation. 

5. Deep Rest & Sleep Program

Did you know that the Mindful Glimpses App has a powerful program to help you improve your sleep? The Deep Rest & Sleep Program offers you new ways to enjoy and benefit from deep refreshing rest for your whole body/mind system.

According to researchers, about 30% of adults suffer symptoms of insomnia. Overall, 14.5% of adults had trouble falling asleep and 17.8% of adults had trouble staying asleep. Some research estimates a staggering 50 to 70 million Americans have sleep disorders.

And yet a good sleep impacts us on every level of our being. A sound night of sleep improves our mood, digestion, memory, emotional resilience, immunity, information processing, focus and concentration, and the list goes on. None of us can afford to skimp on sleep. The Deep Rest & Sleep Program will help you change your sleep habits and experience the profound wellness that comes with consistent deep sleep!

6. Awakening with Eyes Open Practice Program

A lot of us can calm our minds and experience beautiful states of stillness, silence, and equanimity on the meditation cushion. But how do we embody that calm, clarity, and compassion in the chaos of daily life? And how do we bring that equanimity and loving kindness into all of our relationships (especially the challenging ones)?

In this program, you’ll bridge the gap between the cushion and the chaos, as you learn how to access panoramic flow by re-training the relationship between your eyes, your brain, and your Awake Mind.

It’s time to move through your days with stability, spontaneity, purpose, and flexibility (without the distraction or blockage).

This program provides you with instruction and glimpses to help you move from eyes-closed meditation to embodied action in the midst of your daily life. If you’re interested in tapping into a more embodied flow in your daily life (even if you’re busy), then you’ll love this program.

You also get instant access to the following programs:


Get a taste of awakening through brief meditations under 4 minutes

Relational Inquiry

Explore open-hearted awareness and build intimacy with others using these peer inquiries

Home Retreat: Shift Into Freedom

Shift out of your chattering mind into calm acceptance, love, and wisdom

Guest Teacher Meditations & Dialogues

Gain new insights and perspectives on the path of Effortless Mindfulness

Nondual Variations

Nondual takes on conventional mindful practices like loving kindness and body scans

Advanced Program: Awake Living

Advanced techniques to support your awakening

NEW: The 10 Doorways to Awake Mind and Heart

Do you wish you had an elegant way to just drop all your problems right now and get a completely fresh perspective on reality? Imagine the last time you had a ball of stress, fear, worry, or anger in your chest or belly. What if I told you that you could shift into your already Awake Mind where your natural compassion would change everything?

Because now you can.

Introducing the new Mindful Glimpses App program 10 Doorways to Awake Mind and Heart. In this program, you’ll learn a simple process that drops you out of our painfully constricted conventional mind space and into the panoramic freedom of awakened awareness. As you step through these ten doorways, you’ll get direct access to the unconditionally loving space of awake awareness.

But more than that, you’ll learn to return to those same triggers, troubles, and emotional hooks that were holding you back. And from this new clear and compassionate space, you can include and embrace them with grace and insight.

Through precise and simple pointers from Loch, you’ll step through different doorways into your already awake mind. 

This Awake Aware Mind is native to each of us. And except in rarefied circles or sacred enclaves, it’s remained hidden. A secret gem in humanity’s trove of higher potential.

But Effortless Mindfulness, and the 10 Doorways to Awake Mind and Heart, demystifies and unlocks the process and path for accessing this already-awake mind within you. (Note: These pointers are not sequential, rather they’re designed to give you access depending on your style and needs.)

The 10 Doorways to Awake Mind and Heart is an experiential method and process with the following premises:

  • Awakened mind doesn’t take time to experience
  • It’s already here
  • It’s a precious (and mostly secret) birthright of our humanity
  • You’ll get a Glimpse of it right away through this program
  • You learn how to work with, stabilize, and ground yourself in this ever-present Awake Mind
  • Try out 10 different pointers to gain access to Awake Aware Mind, no matter your preferred meditation style or needs (if one doesn’t work, try the other 9!)

When You Join the App Plus Subscription You Receive these Additional Features:

  • Access one LIVE virtual group practice + integration session with Loch Kelly
    Value of $57
    Ask your questions LIVE and get real-time support from Loch. This is a powerful way to deepen your practice, integrate your insights, and learn from fellow practitioners on the path. Practice a Mindful Glimpse real-time and tap into a sense of belonging and accountability as you connect with fellow Mindful Glimpsers on the path. This live group session will take place in Fall 2024 (Specific date is forthcoming).
  • Video Training – IFS Deep Dive: Transcending Parts Through Unconditional Love, Awareness, and Embodiment
    Value of $57
    In this self-paced video training, Loch shares about our inner protectors and how to skillfully work with them (so that you no longer feel overwhelmed or at odds with yourself anymore). You’ll learn and practice a meditation technique to compassionately and inclusively work with these parts and ultimately unblend. If you want to develop more self-clarity, compassion and self-management, then you’ll love this approach.
  • Video Training – IFS Deep Dive: Exploring Your Inner Landscape to Access Your True Self
    Value of $57
    In this video, Loch unpacks the Internal Family Systems Model concepts of Self-Leadership and ‘parts’, and shares the similarities between Internal Family Systems Model and Effortless Mindfulness. He shares about the importance of being inclusive of our whole system (rather than rejecting aspects of ourselves). He introduces the 5 levels of mind framework, which is designed to support us in accessing awake awareness. If you’re interested in living a more intentional, empowered and emotionally resilient life, then you’ll love this IFS Deep Dive.


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  • IFS Training Video: Exploring Your Inner Landscape to Access Your True Self - Valued at $57
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14 Day Money-Back Guarantee: If this program doesn’t meet your needs, please email [email protected] to request a cancellation within 14 days of signing up (no questions asked).


Yes! The programs to start with in the app include the Effortless Mindfulness Intro Series and the Daily Mindful Glimpses from Loch Kelly’s book.

Yes! The programs to start with in the app include the Effortless Mindfulness Intro Series and the Advanced Program – Awake Living.

Yes! The training videos are yours for life. However, to have continued access to the Mindful Glimpses app, you’ll need to be an active subscriber. If you cancel your subscription, you will lose access to the app.

Yes! We’d love to offer you 20% off the Live Group Session on September 17th. Please look out for an email from us with the special link to sign up for that session. This live session with Loch Kelly offers you an opportunity to go deeper with your practice, ask questions real-time, and learn in a supportive community space.

Loch is currently working on a distinct Internal Family System program for that app, which is coming out soon! In the meantime, if you’re interested in the Internal Family System training videos, you’re welcome to buy one or both of our online courses. Click here to learn more about Feb 2024 IFS. Click here to learn more about April 2024 IFS.

Yes! We will provide a replay to all Premium members, so that you can revisit the material. Can’t make it live? No problem. Catch the replay after. We will send that out to all Premium members via email within 7 days of the live session

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