Discovering Awake Awareness as our Source


What we experience is based on our way of perceiving.

If we use our eyes, we see one thing, but if we use a microscope or a telescope, we see other realms of reality that have been there all along.

I have enjoyed witnessing thousands of people discovering their natural capacity to see in a new way for the first time. People have described it as putting on a pair of glasses, or moving from black-and-white to color TV.

Most people tend to focus on appearances and objects that exist. “Existence” comes from the Latin root word existere, meaning to “stand forth” or “appear.” Our common understanding of existence is “that which is real,” but the word actually refers to appearance: what can be seen or felt.

Awake awareness is real even though it’s invisible and empty. There is existence and the awareness of existence, but it is also possible for us to be aware of awareness. There are other dimensions of consciousness that we can experience when we discover awareness-based knowing.

One reason we don’t usually see our basic awareness is that we’re always looking out from it. We can only look from awake awareness when it has recognized itself.

Awake awareness is like a lamp that illuminates both itself and objects in the room. Usually we turn our focus outward, becoming fascinated with objects and the interpretations our thoughts offer. Discovering awake awareness means learning how to look back to the source of light and then how to look from the clarity of awareness.

Awake awareness is natural to all human beings. It is not exclusive to any religion, creed, or culture. We’ve all had glimpses of awake awareness. At those times we’ve felt like we’re resting in our true nature — open, loving, connected, free of worry, and yet able to respond to things as they are with curiosity and courage. These experiences of feeling free and alive are our most cherished times.

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