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I practiced single-pointed meditation for many years and it helped, but it was a lot of hard work. By comparison Effortless Mindfulness is well... effortless! And the positive effects are just so much greater. Instead of being something I have to make myself do every day, Effortless Mindfulness is something I actively enjoy doing throughout the day and the happiness it brings is transformative. It's like escaping a prison I've been locked in for decades and walking out into sunshine, trees, and flowing streams.
Musician & Sound Engineer
Loch takes the baton from [Buddhist] Vipassana practices and provides a simple, accessible, thoughtful, and practical methodology to guide one across the finish line to awake awareness. Loch distills the teachings of the mystics for the layman. Turns out the secret is...there is no secret.
-Patrick Weir
I am a US Army Veteran with severe PTSD...This method works virtually instantly. Thank you so much Loch. Effortless Mindfulness is literally saving Veteran’s lives. It saved mine. It is especially wonderful how these teachings dovetail into the Internal Family Systems therapy modality. I have watched Loch’s YouTube videos with Richard Schwartz on IFS and it was so helpful to know this practice is safe for everyone.
-Retreat Participant
I'm 71 years old, a former Catholic priest, a retired science writer, and I've been doing deep spiritual work since I was 14. Effortless Mindfulness feels like both a summation and an acceleration of everything I've learned. Thank you for making this wonderful experience available.
-John H
Catholic Priest
I've been practicing and learning with Loch Kelly since summer 2020 and it literally changed my life from the first time I joined his talk and his technique during an online event! I felt like I was floating through my days with a calm awareness for about a fortnight, and then kept practicing, and noticing how I was really enjoying life and my own company for the first time. I have continued with the glimpses almost daily. I am full of gratitude for Loch in my life, and for his gentle way of teaching, his knowledge and wisdom, plus his good humor!
-Imke E
My practice has been elevated to new levels. I’m able to access the place under thoughts and the emotional heart to connect to unconditional love and the sense of being held—which I have been seeking all my life. Parts practice is an absolute life changer for me—being able to attend to and befriend the parts of me that need my love and attention, and the release of stored energy in my body. Thank you so much, I am overflowing with gratitude.
-Leslie M
The training helped me finally discover the loving awareness within, as well as how to have healthy expectations of the ongoing process of awakening in daily life.
-Workshop Participant

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