Awareness in Action: Loch Kelly and Craig Holliday


Join Loch and Craig Holliday, from the Association for Spiritual Integrity, as they explore the student-teacher relationship, ethics, and having a mature relationship with the spiritual path.

Loch explains the dangers of projection, transference, and countertransference as they relate to the spiritual path. He also discusses the various traps and detours on the spiritual path, such as hiding out in the “witness protection program, psychological underpass and cognitive overpass.”

Loch is a member of the Association for Spiritual Integrity, and Craig Holliday is one of the Association’s founders.

Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Spiritual Leaders and Teachers

  1. To educate and encourage spiritual leaders, teachers and guides (“teachers”)to approach their professional work in a competent and ethical manner and provide relevant resources to aid them in these pursuits.
  2. To educate students on how to work with their teachers and the teachings in an empowered and ethical manner.
  3. To promote ongoing inner work and cultivate qualities of transparency, honesty, and integrity in all teachers.
  4. To cultivate and safeguard the integrity of the teacher-student relationship. The ASI defines a spiritual teacher as anyone who provides spiritual guidance in a professional manner, either one-on-one with individuals or to larger groups of students

Read the Association’s full Code of Ethics »

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