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An Advanced Self-Paced Workshop in Effortless Mindfulness and IFS

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Calling all IFS and parts work practitioners and enthusiasts who are looking for a mindfulness approach to deepen their personal work and their work with clients. This immersive experience is designed for people who are passionate about both IFS and Effortless Mindfulness and want to fuse these two practices.

Step Out Of Endless Struggle & Into The Freedom of Self Essence

Do you or your clients face these things when doing parts work?

  • Do you find it difficult to access Awake Awareness or Self energy?
  • Do you struggle to get out of the contraction of your mind
  • Do you feel caught in a cycle of taking one step forward and two steps back.
  • Do you continually get blended with judgmental and shame-based parts?
  • Did you have a glimpse or taste of Self but feel frustrated by your inability to feel grounded in it?

Instead of simply relieving the symptoms of temporary suffering, wouldn’t you like to relieve existential anxiety at the Source by living from your Awake Self?

In this advanced 2-Day workshop, you’ll learn how to step through different doorways to directly access your Self Essence. You’ll learn a step-by-step approach to shift through the Five Levels of Mind.

In the process, you won’t merely discover Awake Awareness.

You’ll also learn essential tools to ground and root yourself in a new operating system of Self Essence so that you can navigate your life with more equanimity, clarity, and purpose.

Join veteran psychotherapist and meditation teacher Loch Kelly for this timeless and transformative journey out of the limited confines of your head and into the boundless and embracing home of your heart.

Learn to return and train to remain so that you can trust–and know–that your ever-present Self is nearer than near as your ultimate medicine.

Richard Schwartz and Loch Kelly
Dr. Dick Schwartz and Loch Kelly, teaching at Blue Spirit, Costa Rica, March 2024

“Loch offers his contemporary ways to ‘glimpse’ our awake nature immediately and heal our wounded parts. When Loch and I have taught together, I have found, for myself and students, that Loch’s practices are amazingly effective.”

In This Training You’ll Learn:

  • How Effortless Mindfulness is the key to unlocking Internal Family Systems
  • How to distinguish Self from the four most common Self-like parts: When working with different parts and Self, it can be hard to track when a part that seems like Self is present. You’ll learn the subtle cues to look out for and, ultimately, how to go deeper with parts work.
  • How to recognize the felt sense of being blended with your ego manager part during the day
  • Techniques to shift to Self Essence throughout your day
  • New ways to know Self as clearly as you know parts
  • How to relate with the ego manager part and shift through the stages of Self

When You Enroll in How To Shift Out of Ego Into Awake Self, You’ll Receive:

8 Hours of Live Training

Including live lectures, mindful glimpses, and guided meditations with Loch Kelly interspersed with dyad breakout groups.

Daily Q&A Sessions

Listen to Loch answer common questions about IFS and Effortless Mindfulness.

Lifetime Access

Receive lifetime access to all video trainings, guided meditations, workbooks, and bonus materials—the entire course is yours to keep forever.

Welcome from Loch Kelly

Do you ever wonder how some people stay unshakably rooted in their highest self? I did too.

And that’s why I developed Effortless Mindfulness—a simple, yet advanced form of “meditation in action” that you can do anytime and anywhere.

It starts with accessing you’re already awake peace of mind and wise heart. And then it helps heal the fearful parts of us so we can live from creative “awake loving flow.”

In Effortless Mindfulness, you shift from focusing on the contents on your mind to the unbound context of awareness itself.

You open to what or who is aware of these contents.

This seemingly subtle shift can heighten your sense of freedom, joy, and wisdom — similar to experiencing the beauty of nature, making love, or being in the zone while playing a sport or creating a work of art.

Transitioning from everyday mind to awake awareness, you become more energetically embodied and interconnected with everything.

Your awakening begins with a glimpse…

A glimpse is not a meditative state, a positive thought, an altered state, or a belief. Instead, a glimpse is a shift of center, from an ego-identified location of perception into a new way of seeing from Being.

You don’t need advanced Zen and Tibetan meditation techniques to do this.

Instead, I will teach you how to make this shift through practical micro-meditations, which you can do with your eyes open — any time of day.

Effortless Mindfulness is a simple set of teachings rooted in non-dual wisdom traditions, modern science, and psychotherapy.

And I created Effortless Mindfulness to help seekers like you become aware of and embody different expressions of awake awareness.

This 2-day training is your opportunity to experience the profound shifts in consciousness available to you through Effortless Mindfulness.

Join me, and I’ll show you how!


Loch Kelly

Meet Your Teacher

Loch Kelly MDiv, LCSW is the creator of the Mindful Glimpses app, award winning author, psychotherapist, and meditation teacher. He’s known for his unique practical methods that support awakening as the next natural stage of human development. Backed by modern neuroscience and psychology, Loch introduces Effortless Mindfulness, an ancient form of nondual meditation that allows immediate access to our embodied awake nature which arises as calm, clarity, and compassion. Loch studied with many of our generations most revered meditation teachers during his graduate fellowship in Sri Lanka, India and Nepal. He has over 30 years of clinical psychotherapy experience in community mental health and private practice. He co-taught workshops and seminars with IFS-Founder Richard Schwartz and integrates effortless mindfulness techniques with Internal Family Systems therapy.

In my many years knowing and working with Loch Kelly, I feel that he is one of the clearest expressions of authentic awakened freedom and love that I know.

How Effortless Mindfulness + IFS Can Change Your Life


As a foundation for facing life’s many challenges.


when in distress or emotional turmoil.


wounds of self-criticism, trauma, self-doubt, and shame.


                 in your life, even if you are currently struggling.


with partners, friends, and family.


for your children, aging parents, and your clients.

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  • How To Shift Out Of Ego Into Awake Self

Immersed In Self, Healing Your Parts

Through a series of powerful glimpses and meditative exercises, Loch will guide you through the five levels of mind to the deepest dimensions of your being and into your true nature.

From this ground of Awake Loving Flow, you will practice healing and unburdening the parts that habitually overtake you. 

Previously, in Part 1 of this series on the fusion of Effortless Mindfulness and IFS, we focused on Self Leadership. 

In this workshop, we’ll start at the foundation of Being and give you tools to access Self, moving from Self Essence to Self Energy. Once we’re firmly grounded in that depth of Self, we’ll then begin to practice working with Parts from the grounded and centered space of Self Essence.

Through the contemplative technology of Effortless Mindfulness, you’ll find that this elegant approach to healing and unburdening parts is like a seamless shortcut compared to other parts’ work approaches.


In many developmental and therapeutic models, we try to reduce suffering by changing our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, or circumstances. This is often the basis for behavioral, cognitive, and analytic approaches to reducing suffering. 

Through Effortless Mindfulness, instead of trying to add or subtract thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, you’ll actually learn how to shift your awareness into a deeper and more expansive level of mind with a completely different view of the same burdensome parts and conditions.

5 Levels of Mind & Self

We’ll cover the 5 Levels of Mind & Self. Here’s a high level view of this system.

  1. Everyday Mind – Parts Based View

Everyday mind is experienced as what you normally think of as “me”, including your thoughts, emotions, and sense perceptions.

  1. Mindful Witness – Self-like Part

Mindful witness is experienced as the ability to step back from everyday mind and be located in mindful awareness, the meditator, or an observing ego. 

  1. Awake Aware Mind — Self Essence

Awake-aware mind looks from a big-sky witness of spacious awareness to see subtle mind and everyday mind, as well as the world.

  1. Simultaneous Mind — Self Energy
Simultaneous mind experiences ultimate reality and relative reality at the same time. The ocean of awake awareness experiences all energy and form as its own waves.
  1. Awake Loving Flow — Self-Leadership
Awake Loving Flow is free of the location of any particular witnessing self. In this level of mind, we feel connected and protected, vulnerable and courageous, and motivated to create and relate. 

And in this advanced workshop, we’re going to spend the majority of our time focused on the two critical transitions from levels three to four and four to five. 

Awake Aware Mind (Self Essence) >> Simultaneous Mind (Self Energy) >> Awake Loving Flow (Self leadership)

Why? Because this is how we’re going to heal and unburden the parts that plague us and hijack our minds.

Through this workshop, you’ll begin the process of installing a new operating system for your identity. After learning how to move through these levels of mind and work with parts from Self, you’ll have access to a completely new perspective on your life. 

One that is stabilized in the warm and loving embrace of your own heart.

Who should take this advanced training?

  • Practitioners of Effortless Mindfulness
  • Intermediate and Advanced Meditators
  • Therapists using IFS or other styles of psychotherapy
  • Clinical psychologists
  • Coaches
  • Anyone involved in therapy including IFS or parts therapy
  • Wellness and healthcare professionals
  • Yoga teachers
  • Body workers
  • HR Professionals

What’s Included?

  • Two days of live expert-led sessions with Loch Kelly
  • Lifetime access to course PDFs, Worksheets, Ebooks, etc
  • Lifetime access to all workshop audio recordings, video recordings, transcripts
  • Guided meditations

Event Structure

Day 1: Immerse yourself in Awake Self and step out of ego conditioning into awake awareness.

Day 2: Explore, step-by-step, what it looks like, feels like, and means to apply that awake awareness in action.

Through this journey, you’ll shift out of ego, psychological, and meditative strategies into ever-present Self Essence.

In short, we’ll be moving from Being to Becoming. And with each step along this path, Loch will teach you how to do this on your own.

The goal is for you to be independent in this process of seamlessly moving from Being to Becoming and back again.

Each day will include a mix of:

  • Lectures, glimpses, and guided meditations with Loch Kelly
  • Live Q&A sessions 
  • Small breakout groups to explore, discuss, and clarify key concepts


  • Everyday Mind – Parts Based View
  • Mindful Witness – Self-like Part
  • Awake Aware Mind — Self Essence  (The Bridge)


  • Simultaneous Mind  — Self Energy
  • Awake Loving Flow — Self-Leadership

Learn to shift through the 5 levels of mind and be at home anywhere.

  • Receive a map and methods for moving through the 5 levels of mind — so all experience is welcome from your wise heart-mind
  • Unburden the judgmental and shame-based parts of you that try to convince you that you are not worthy of your birthright of love and awakening
  • Taste awake presence immediately through “small glimpses” and shifts of awareness
  • Move from a thought-based separate self to your loving awake Self
  • Learn how your awake Self allows you to be compassionate with parts of you that are hurt or protective
  • Move beyond the traps of being too mindfully detached or too energetically enmeshed
  • Realize that your ground of Self is supportive, creative, and related
  • Return and remain at home in the Heart mind, welcoming and healing parts of your Self
  • Realize the innate unchanging ground of wholeness is already within you


Do I need to have any previous experience in Effortless Mindfulness or IFS?

This workshop does not include an introduction to IFS or Effortless Mindfulness, and it assumes a basic knowledge of Loch Kelly’s teachings. This will allow you to work in depth with the obstacles on your path from the always already-free ground of Self-Leadership.

Are there CE Credits offered for this Training?

This training is not offering CE credits at this time.

How does this Course work?

The course sessions will include a mix of recorded talks, Q&A, applied IFS-style inquiry and exercises, and guided meditations. 

Do I have to attend every session?

Because this is a self-paced workshop, you can watch or listen to all the recordings and review the transcripts at your own speed.

How long do I have access to the Course?

You will receive lifetime access to the course recordings and materials.

What equipment is required?

This workshop is fully online. You will need access to the internet and a computer or smart device to participate.

What’s your refund and/or transfer policy?

We do not offer refunds for this product. 

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes, scholarships are available. If you are a student or want to request a hardship discount, please reach out to our team through the contact link on the website and tell us a little bit about yourself and why you’re requesting a scholarship.

When will recordings/download resources be available?

You will receive immediate access to all workshop recordings.

Do I need to have attended Part One of this series on Effortless Mindfulness and IFS?

Attendance at the previous workshop is not required. However, we encourage you to purchase the bundle which includes recordings from the previous workshop so you can listen to them in advance.

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  • How To Shift Out Of Ego Into Awake Self

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