Mahamudra Nondual Meditation | Podcast


Join Loch and FitMind Podcast host Liam McClintock as they discuss the nondual meditation practice of effortless mindfulness.

Nondual meditation is grounded in the direct path contemplative traditions, such as Sutra Mahamudra, which emphasize the possibility of awakening in the midst of everyday life.

Loch explains what is meant by nondualism and how direct path meditation, such as effortless mindfulness, relieves the root of suffering created by our chronically dissatisfied thinking minds.

Loch and Liam discuss flow states, flow consciousness, and how to access the optimal heart-mind awareness that already exists within each of us. Loch also leads a guided, nondual meditation so that listeners can experience for themselves this powerful form of meditation.

About FitMind

FitMind, founded by Liam McClintock, offers mental training programs that combine ancient contemplative techniques with western science. The FitMind approach is taught at Fortune 500 companies, addiction centers, schools, and government organizations.

FitMind produces podcasts, offers an app, and provides meditation workshops for organizations and individuals.

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