Realizing Freedom Together with Caverly Morgan

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Show notes:

Join Loch Kelly the creator of the Mindful Glimpses app as he welcomes Caverly Morgan, his colleague and the author of The Heart of Who We Are. They explore the intersection of personal and collective practices for spiritual awakening.

Caverly Morgan shares her journey of reconciling various teachings and traditions to arrive at an integrated approach. And Loch highlights his Effortless Mindfulness teaching as a way for people in the midst of busy lives to access non-dual awareness directly rather than through traditional progressive paths. Also, they discuss the importance of bringing spirituality and meditation off the cushion into daily life, unraveling personal and collective conditioning, and fostering a sense of belonging beyond tribalism. 

Besides these themes, Caverly Morgan highlights her work creating mindfulness programs in schools to support youth. Throughout, they emphasize a relational approach to spiritual exploration rooted in direct experience rather than following a single guru. This conversation offers insights into embodying non-dual awareness amidst the messiness of the relative world.

46:31: After the dialogue with Caverly, Loch offers a guided meditation, from his Mindful Glimpses app, called Compassion Is Already Here. These mindful glimpses serve as invaluable tools for experiencing ways to access the awake consciousness that is already here within all of us. 

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Caverly Morgan Bio

Author of The Heart of Who We Are Caverly Morgan is a spiritual teacher and nonprofit founder blending Zen with a modern nondual approach. She founded Peace in Schools, which created the nation’s first for-credit mindfulness class in public high schools. Additionally, she founded Presence Collective, a community fostering personal and collective transformation. Caverly also spent eight years training in a Zen monastery and has been teaching contemplative practice since 2001. The Heart of Who We Are: Realizing Freedom Together explores an integrated approach to realizing our true nature. An artist and educator, she speaks publicly on topics like mindfulness, authentic leadership, and social entrepreneurship.

Loch Kelly Bio 

Loch is the creator of the Mindful Glimpses app. He is an award winning author, psychotherapist, and nondual meditation teacher. Additionally, he is known for his unique practical methods that support awakening as the next natural stage of human development. Backed by modern neuroscience and psychology, Loch introduces Effortless Mindfulness, an ancient form of nondual meditation that allows immediate access to our embodied awake nature which arises as calm, clarity, and compassion. 

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