Returning Home to Heart Knowing


Illustration by Victoria Chall

Awake Awareness Approach

  • Begin by simply unhooking Local Awareness from thought
  • Returning back to your senses, Local Awareness can now move to focus on hearing at one of your ears
  • Then let local awareness open to be interested in the space in which sound is coming and going
  • Be aware primarily of the timeless, boundless, content-less space that is open and aware
  • Now shift and notice being aware from spacious awareness which notices coming and going of thoughts, feelings and sensations
  • Remaining like an open field, feel the same clear space is also continuous within
  • Form is essentially formless awareness and formless awareness is none other than the energy and forms here now
  • A boundless ground, spacious and pervasive, all around and within
  • Aware simply of space, movement and awareness
  • Surrendering back like a child into the arms of spacious loving awareness and tuning in to space, love, flow and dancing aliveness of the underlying invisible knowing ground
  • Resting more deeply than sleep which is wide awake
  • In-forming, embodying as dancing aliveness, spacious and flowing, connected and protected, curious and creative, with the potentially to know without concepts
  • Remaining undistracted without effort
  • Not going up to thought to know ~ a new non-conceptual heart knowing emerges
  • Awareness aware of awareness
  • Being being being
  • Then Love loving love
  • Seeing from Being
  • Not-Knowing to a new Knowing from Heart Knowing
  • Moving in the Creative Flow
  • Do be do be do….Be

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