Nonduality and Awake Awareness | Podcast

Loch and Michael Taft of the Deconstructing Yourself podcast explore nondual awareness, balancing brain networks, and the nature of human consciousness.

A Conversation with Micheal Taft and Loch Kelly

In this follow-up to the Deconstructing Yourself podcast of July 15, 2020, host Michael Taft and Loch delve more deeply into the nature of nonduality and awake awareness. The listener response to the earlier podcast was so enthusiastic that Michael invited Loch back to continue their conversation.

Loch and Michael dive into these topics:

  • Nondual awareness and dimensions of consciousness
  • Mindfulness schools of “effort” versus “non-effort” (and those in between)
  • The Five Foundations of Effortless Mindfulness
  • Awake Awareness and Rigpa (nature of mind)
  • Stabilizing nondual awareness
  • Balancing the brain’s default mode network
  • And much more…

Listen to the Podcast

About the Deconstructing Yourself Podcast

The Deconstructing Yourself podcast, hosted by Michael Taft, was created to share the life changing force that is meditation. It strives to extend beyond any particular religion or technique in order to welcome anyone into its community. Its original articles, podcasts, and videos are created with honesty and curiosity, in hopes of encouraging, informing, and inspiring your meditation practice.

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